The Case vs. Pornhub

“The rape is on Pornhub.”

In 2020, we received a call from a survivor who was abused and trafficked by two American man. At this time, both men were behind bars and the survivor was well into her vocational training.

Then the video went viral.

In this video, the most horrific moment of this survivors life went viral. Her family, her friends, and strangers began to see the video.

Her cousins wouldn’t take pictures with her, people would ask how much she cost in school, and people would see her tattoos and ask if she was a porn star.

What these people dont know if that two American men raped a 15 year old girl, and published the abuse.

All to make more money.

And their partners in this? Pornhub and their owners MindGeek.

Since 2020, over 100 survivors have come out against Pornhub and the abuse they facilitated. The world found out that Pornhub and other companies were profiting off the worst moments of women and children.